Why did you decide on real estate as a career?

#Throwback Thursday

Found these photos from another life, circa 1987.  Remnants of an interim modeling job—a time between being a mostly stay at home mom with part-time teaching gigs and a single mom needing to bring home real bacon.  How did I get into Real Estate as a career?  I met a guy…(not Brian) through modeling and commercial work who suggested I look into Real Estate as a career.  It was attractive to me because I didn’t want  to be around just kids all the time (teaching) and I thought it would be flexible so I could still be a good mom.  I also had extensive moving experience with the former Mr. and thought I could bring that to the table.  The craziest part was that I had moved to Seattle with no friends or family—except the three kiddos.  I got my license in one month—taking classes every night.  My new Managing Principal Broker took a huge chance on me succeeding in sales because I had NO network in the area, but I turned out to have a knack and did very well.  My kids might say the flexibility part was a bad assumption and I’m pretty sure they thought the phone had merged with my ear.  They still have a flinch reflex when they see me on the phone.

Why did you decide on real estate as a career? 




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