Uncategorized Snippets from Brian Allen’s Presentation at the Company Meeting   Don’t worry if you were not able to attend last month’s company meeting at the Multnomah Athletic Club. As always, Brian’s presentation addressing the packed crowd inspired us to take notes and share with those who missed it. Here are the highlights: 2014 Market Recap & Glance at 2015 We ended 2014 on a […]
Uncategorized Spaces That Work for You   As we all braved last week’s blustery storm to attend the unveiling party for the newly transformed Lloyd Tower office, I was reminded of how our work environment can help us thrive. We spend most of our days working, but the space is often overlooked by many, especially real estate brokers who argue that […]
Uncategorized More than $20,000 in Donations during the Third Quarter       Today the Windermere Foundation received this thank you letter from Maverick Main Stage Productions, a nonprofit that provides low-income youth in Northeast Portland the opportunity to express their creativity and talent through theater. It is one of the many organizations the Foundation has supported in the third quarter of this year. Looking […]
Uncategorized Why did you decide on real estate as a career? #Throwback Thursday Found these photos from another life, circa 1987.  Remnants of an interim modeling job—a time between being a mostly stay at home mom with part-time teaching gigs and a single mom needing to bring home real bacon.  How did I get into Real Estate as a career?  I met a guy…(not Brian) through modeling […]
Uncategorized Steps to Buying a Home Buying a home is a wise investment and can be an exciting decision in your life, but you might be wondering where to begin. This checklist is a nice breakdown of where to start, the important steps to take and what you can expect. Happy house hunting!
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