Windermere Relocation

Whether you are moving across the state or across the West, Windermere agents are ready to help you make the right move. Thanks to the strength of our network, Windermere agents can place or receive referrals among our more than 7,500 Windermere associates in neighborhoods throughout the western states and British Columbia.

If you're moving to a new area, you need a qualified real estate agent in your destination city. Our agents live and work in the neighborhoods they serve, and they're closely involved in their communities. They know about available homes, neighborhood characteristics, schools, shopping, traffic patterns and social activities – all the information a new neighbor would need.

Local Moves:
If you already have a Windermere agent, he or she can refer you to Windermere Relocation, LLC. If you don’t have a Windermere agent, contact Janet Allen to begin your search.

Corporate Moves:
We also have a corporate relocation system to assist corporations with moves of individuals or the entire company and a network to assist you with making a move anywhere in the country.

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